14 Sep 2016

At Compressor Care we service all types of air compressors at our workshop in the Brisbane Metropolitan area.  For the large 3 phase air compressors, we provide a mobile service so we can service and repair your unit on-site.  Keeping up regular maintenance of your air compressor can save you thousands of dollars a year on electricity and broken parts, and ensure your compressor is running clean and efficiently.

We are specialists at Compressor Care and will safeguard your air compressor so it is running smoothly and at optimum levels.  We provide professional advice about the state of your air compressor filter oil, fluid levels, and your air filter and compressor belts. Compressor Care will service, repair and replace the items of your air compressor, as agreed by you, to help you extend the life of your air compressor unit and avoid costly repairs.

Regular servicing and maintenance by Compressor Care will help protect your air compressor unit from leaks in the air system that can cost you thousands and delay projects, dirty air compressor filter oil and old filters can also cause you a loss of time and efficiency on site.

Don’t wait for complications with your air compressor, contact Compressor Care to book in for regular maintenance and a service program for your air compressor unit.

Remember, just like your car, you must maintain this machine in a healthy condition. 

Come in and see us or for more information please give us a call on (07) 3205 2599 or email us.