Air Compressor Repair & Servicing

Compressor Care can provide a range of maintenance, servicing, and repair solutions for all types of air compressors, in our workshop or on site.

Our specialists can provide professional advice to ensure your air compressor, its filter oil, fluid levels, air filter and compressor belts are running well.

We can service, repair or replace all air compressor parts to maintain the lifespan of your unit.

Give us a call or bring your air compressor in for us to have a look at.

Available Air Compressor Repairs Brisbane

We offer three service and repair options around Queensland to best suit each customer’s needs.

  1. We provide servicing and repairs of all unit types at our Compressor Care workshop, north of Brisbane at 362 Leitchs Road, Brendale.
  2. Air compressors can be serviced and repaired within the Brisbane Metro region.
  3. We also offer a Compressor Care Mobile Service Van for on-site servicing and repairs of large three phase units

In addition to these services, Compressor Care offers a free loan air compressor unit while their compressed is repaired.

Repair Warranty: For repairs our warranty is 3 months from the date of repair as long as the product was faulty.

compressor care air compressor repair workshop

Compressor Care Brendale Workshop

air compressor repair van by compressor care

Compressor Care Mobile Service Van

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How to Maintain Your Device after an Air Compressor Repair

Air compressors are lower maintenance than other motor types, but we can help fix any issues that may arise.

Keeping up with regularly maintaining your unit can save you thousands of dollars on electricity and broken parts, as well as saving valuable time.

We pride ourselves on our combined knowledge of all types of compressors in Brisbane over the past 30 years.

Does Your Air Compressor Need Repaired or Serviced?

Some of the problems that may make your air compressor malfunction are:

  1. Dirty air compressor filter oil
  2. Power source issues
  3. Oil levels – Check and adjust your lubricant levels frequently
  4. Excessive or loud humming noise – could indicate problems with bearings, flywheels, belts, crankcases or unloader valve
  5. Excessive oil consumption – may indicate worn piston rings, restricted air ventilation or loose belts
  6. Excessive hot air discharge or issues with your cooling system
  7. Excessive belt wear – the unit’s belt may need adjusted
  8. Fuses blowing regularly – they may need replaced or the size changed
  9. Running smaller compressors, doing advanced jobs (e.g. work not recommended for your size or phase of converter) for extended periods of time
  10. Debris or other blockages stopping the air from compressing

If you’re unsure why your air compressor is not working to its full potential, talk to our team of professionals.

How to Keep Your Newly Repaired Air Compressor Unit Running Smoothly

  1. Regular oil and air leak checks (the oil level should be around the halfway mark in the sight glass, for reference)
  2. Checking the compression air filter system for differing pressure
  3. Frequently determine whether the oil requires changing
  4. Ensure you always verify the safe operating temperature to avoid overheating

Keeping up with regularly maintaining your unit can save you thousands of dollars on electricity and broken parts, as well as preventing the need to purchase a replacement unit.

We recommend booking regular maintenance checks and service program for your unit, before a complication arises.