Duplex Starter Box


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Duplex Starter Box

Consists of 2 x Direct on line contactor with overloads incorporating a timer control for staggered starting. The purpose of this control box gives you the option of adding another of the same size as the existing unit and/or larger. The function gives you the flexibility of running N°1 compressor by itself or running N°2 compressor by itself and the third option of running both N°1 and N°1 together with the timer delay of 3 to 5 seconds between the first and second compressor starting.

Remember, having two compressor units in your air system reduces the risk of total loss of air and can be much more cost efficient than one larger compressor unit.

Dual control starter units come in the following combinations: – 2 x 5HP Direct on line; – 2 x 7.5HP Direct on line; and – 2 x 10HP Direct on line.

All components for these units are simple off the shelf items.


$25.00 within Australia

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