14 Sep 2016
Choosing the right Air Compressor

We understand that choosing the right air compressor may be a bit confusing so we’re here to help you.

The comprehensive range we have at Compressor Care is suitable for operating within domestic, commercial and industrial environments. We have compressors to suit the home handyman, tradies, the medical industry, tattoo businesses, automotive and construction industries, as well as the agriculture and mining industries.

To help you better understand the usage of our  Air Compressors we have categorised our compressor range into four types:

  • Single Phase – 240V/10 and 15 amp
  • Three Phase – 450V
  • Petrol – 5.5 & 13HP
  • Diesel – 4 & 10HP

The Single Phase – 240V Air Compressors; suit the home handyman, tradesman, medical laboratories and tattoo artists. If you are a handyman or hobbyist, take a look at our range of portable 240V air compressor units, made for household tasks like inflating tyres, camping, sports equipment and occasional pneumatic tool use. Our RC5/12 10 amp for example, is an ideal home handyman air compressor, it is affordably priced, it’s small and it maintains a high pressure range of 95psi – 125psi. The portable air compressors are usually much more suited to the home handyman, the ‘DIY-ers’ and some contractors.

If you are a tradesman or have a home workshop and use your pneumatic tools regularly, look at our range of professional air compressors such as the RC13 which will run impact guns, air ratchets, jack hammers and can be used for domestic applications through to industrial operations.  Our 15amp models are suitable for high air demand environments – workshops and manufacturing.  These are ideal compressors when three phase power is not available.

The Three Phase – 415 volt Air Compressors work well in the industrial workshop and commercial environments.  They need minimal maintenance and many of the Compressor Care units are still operating 20 years on from the day they were installed. Our industrial strength units are ideal for cabinetmakers, small panel beating businesses and for use across a wide range of commercial environments.  Our RC130 Duplex 3 Phase Air Compressor delivers twice the volume output of our RC66, giving you the reliability of having two compressor units.  With this unit there is the option to run either both units or one independently for better efficiency and economy.

Mobile or stationary, and great for real heavy duty use, you’ll find our Petrol Air Compressors are a heavy duty, high quality unit. These units are mostly used on service vehicles, tyre service trucks and where larger volumes of air are required.

For the mining industry, large construction sites and agricultural applications, our diesel air compressors have options of manual and electric start.  Compressor Care Diesel Air Compressors are mine-spec compliant, and are heavy duty commercial grade units with large receiver size of 100 – 160 litres. They provide high quality performance and are used widely in remote areas where there is no access to electricity.

For more information please give us a call on (07) 3205 2599 or email us: sales@compressorcare.com.au

We’ve been in business since 1982 so you can be assured that you are in good hands with Compressor Care.

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